Treatment For Bad Breath

Help! I Have Halitosis!

Bad breath, also known by the medical term halitosis, is often caused by inadequate oral hygiene. However it’s not the only cause, with other possibilities including:

– Dental caries
– Nutrition
– Infected gums
– Inadequate diet
– Diabetes
– Smoking
– Alcohol abuse
– Prescription drugs

The reason we often wake up in the morning with bad breath is because our mouths tend to dry out. A good quantity of saliva is necessary to wash your mouth free of the bacteria that cause bad breath.

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If you are bothered by bad breath, our dentists and hygienists can help diagnose its causes and provide treatment to eliminate its effects. In many cases, regular dental visits and proper brushing and flossing are all that are necessary to remove mouth odours.

Here are some self-help tips to ensure your breath does not affect your social and professional outlook:

– Avoid using condiments on your food, as the smell can last for hours.
– Make sure you gargle regularly with a quality mouthwash
– Hydrate your body. Drink lots of water.
– Keep your mouth clean. Brush and floss daily and visit your dentist regularly
– Follow a balanced diet

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