Laser Dentistry At Oakville Dental

We use cutting-edge, laser technology to enhance the efficacy of traditional dental procedures. Laser technology is also used to help detect dental disease in its earliest stages, find tumors and perform both surgical and non-surgical procedures on the soft tissues of the mouth.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry:

– Virtually Painless, More Natural Dentistry
– Accuracy & Precision
– Reduced Trauma
– Less Bleeding & Swelling
– Fewer Dental Visits
– No need for shots or anesthesia (in most cases)


Laser Periodontal Therapy

In the event of gum disease or periodontitis, we use the Laser Periodontal Therapy as an alternative mode of treatment. This procedure aids in reducing the bacteria associated with periodontitis, which may cause deepening of periodontal pockets.

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